A fierce war
We are an ANGRY TEAM. Basically, our major objective is to stage a fierce war against intellectual bankruptcy, wherever it occurs. This is a radical revolutionary reading war.
We are going to impose intellectual evolution among the rebels and barbarians by sheer force of truth. The radical ideas that we shall impart will place us outside the mainstream of this world’s standard. If so, then let it be. We do not care whatsoever.
What inspires us to accomplish ReadAvidly Campaign is our burning ambition to assist. We mean to completely encourage victims of intellectual bankruptcy to make up their minds to ‘intellectually reconstruct’. What is  essential as a human being is to survive. Our chief counsel surrounds reading books avidly as the sole means for the acquisition of accurate ideas and dire practice with respect to what one has read as a complement in dealing with intellectual bankruptcy.
Plan of attack
Angry as we are, we are prepared to utilise whatever legitimate device is available in order to arrest vast quantities of human beings. It does not mean to say we know too much; it does not mean to say we are self-righteous or self-respecting. If human beings lie to each other, reflecting the worst degree of intellectual bankruptcy, then whoever detects it, must courageously adopt corrective strategies. And that is what we are simply carrying out in this world.
We are utterly conscious of the fact that any frontal attack on ignorance is bound to fail because people are invariably ready to defend their most precious possession – their ignorance. However, we are determined to stand our ground till the entities of reading books avidly, intellectual bankruptcy, broadening the intellect, and thinking are well-known things everywhere.

The Team

Poet, motivational speaker, actor, script writer. An avid reader and writer.

Slindile mtshali

Singer and song writer. An avid reader. 


Born and bred in Africa (Southern Africa to be more exact) – of Africa extraction. Not highly formally educated but very educated in his profession. An avid reader and a writer. Loves peace.

Chief mathemabi

Reading books avidly is the most effective and powerful tool you can use to transform yourself. 

We have a mission. We are on a mission. To awaken the masses. To awaken the ignorant. To awaken the misinformed. To instill an avid reading culture everywhere. We will never rest until all our countrymen are avid readers.