ReadAvidly Campaign. We are here to make a mark!
The development or progress of a place initially
necessitates establishment of law and order.
We are hungry for law and order in Africa.

ReadAvidly Campaign Admonishments and Vision: Chapters 1 - 4. Get all the facts and get down to work.


You ‘must’ commence reading books seriously today. If unwilling, do not read. You have been given 10 full years, starting on January 2, 2020.
On January 2, 2030, soon after the New Year celebration, all people who don’t read books avidly will be fined or incarcerated in South Africa and the whole of Africa.
Thorough screening will be conducted; you can’t escape the punishment.

You are being warned. You are being threatened for your own benefit.

An adult person ‘must’ read at least a thousand books during their lifetime.
Native African reader percent is equal to zero. No sensible human laughs or smiles about this; only stupid people do.

In the Apartheid era, people were forced to be in possession of a ‘DOM PASS‘ always. In this new era, an African citizen will be compelled to be in possession of a book and a library card at all times. Believe it or not, we don’t care.

African natives are not yet free from intellectual slavery. It’s only by reading books thoroughly and continuously, thus acquiring good knowledge in abundance, and then putting it into practice that African people can be liberated from intellectual slavery or intellectual bankruptcy, full stop!!
End of Chapter 1


A lot of time is spent at school. It is a more time-consuming activity for youth than any other. From primary to tertiary level, somebody can take almost seventeen years to complete the entity, depending on the nature of his or her tertiary level curriculum.

The stage of youth is a more momentous one than all the other stages of a human being because it is the very time a person is trained to get ready for adulthood. All humankind should respect the stage, and may you please put it to good use in order to effectively shun the miseducation of millions of people.


A solid beginning is fundamental. Youngsters need to be disciplined painstakingly, or else we will definitely find our nation teeming with prostitutes, drunkards, chain smokers, hooligans, lots of prisoners, and all sorts of careless people in the near future. We do not aspire for this to come about!

This is the time to disrupt the education system. Essentially, worthless teachings must be discontinued. Only good knowledge must be fed to the learners. Good knowledge strengthens brainpower and gives wisdom.
First and foremost, we need curricula designed to create a lot of C students and a few of A and B Students. Curricula that produce people who know how to think and understand. Ultimately, after schooling, all our people must have the complete scope to deal with challenges effectively without breaking down.
End of Chapter 2


Benefits of reading books
If every South African citizen becomes an avid reader starting in 2020, by 2040 we can manage to attain the following achievements:
1. The rate of crime can be reduced by 80%.
2. The admissions or number of patients visiting hospitals and clinics can be reduced by 50%.
3. Unemployment can be reduced by 60%.
4. Inequality and social challenges can be reduced by 70%.
5. The economy will definitely flourish.
6. And most importantly, all people will have a sense of working together in order to manage and live together in harmony.
End of Chapter 3


By 2050, this country ‘must’ have above 30 million thriving entrepreneurs, over 40 million billionaires, above 5 million can’t counts, more than 55 million righteous individuals, and at least 60 million thinking people.

‘You must be one of the aforementioned personalities, alive or dead’.

ReadAvidly Campaign admonishments and vision.
ReadAvidly Campaign, in Africa City. Inspired by the truth and hunger for accurate ideas.

End of Chapter 4

Thinking is an art. All humans must industriously train themselves to be proficient. Most people don't know how to think. They spend the whole of their lives on earth as 'learners of thinking'.

Our beautiful land, Africa

Our beautiful land, Africa, requires a radical transformation right now. Let us work hard and make it happen right now.
The ‘first African battle’ was fought; yes, it was fought and won. It was fought with guns, knives, axes, missiles, bombs, clubs, bows, and arrows. This is the time for staging the ‘second African battle’, a battle against intellectual bankruptcy. It is fiercer than the inferno – ReadAvidly Campaign.


Yep, millions and millions of native Africans do not touch the book. They do not even dare to open it. And they do not care. All native Africans must touch, open, and read from books every day. There are no 'LIONS' in books. If you aspire to know much about native Africans, we advise you to study the book Capitalist Nigger by Chika Onyeani.

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.”

A room without books is like a body without life.