ReadAvidly Campaign started to exist in 2010. However, the project was officially launched in February 2020 and will continue forever. The preparation for this project took 10 full years (2010-2020).

Most of the preparation was applied to writing scripts and poems, composing and producing music, as well as creating the fourteen workable strategies by which the campaign will be achieved. ReadAvidly Campaign is a potent and living thought; it was received by Chief Mathemabi himself.

Important facts

All human beings must heed these important facts: ReadAvidly Campaign belongs not to Chief Mathemabi; it was not even created by him; it was received by him and founded through him. No person is allowed to praise Chief Mathemabi in any way (publicly or secretly). Whoever praises Chief Mathemabi in connection with ReadAvidly Campaign will bring suffering upon themselves.

All praise
All praise is for God Jehovah, because all the inputs that were used to establish ReadAvidly Campaign or anything used to sustain it are entirely God Jehovah’s property. ReadAvidly Campaign is for every person who opts to gain owing to its potency.

ReadAvidly Campaign was born because of taking action. Taking action is very crucial.

Reading books

avidly is the real

Art of


Take massive positive action, and then keep on taking action.

We cannot build a good cachet on good intentions alone. Taking responsibility for something requires action, not just words. The cure for fear is action, and the universal remedy for excuses is action. The remedy for hopelessness is taking action. Nothing changes until somebody takes action.

It is better to take action and be wrong than to do nothing and feel okay about it. People who do nothing will never become anything. Heroes are celebrated because of the actions they took against all odds. “History is the record of actions taken, not a record of thoughts that were thought.” What will change our lives is nothing more than consistent and focused action. New things begin when we take new action. Take massive positive action, and then keep on taking action.