Read and practise 

You must choose to be an avid reader, by all means. An avid reader is a person who reads and puts into practice any kind of important knowledge they have read. People who merely read without putting into practice whatever important knowledge they read have not read anything and are wasting time and energy. They have to stop any sort of attempt to read and wait for it to be destroyed.

As an avid reader, you must draw your own conclusions in terms of every book you read. There are numberless contradictory books from different writers, and one may certainly wonder who of these writers is reflecting the truth. You know what I mean if you are an avid reader. If you have not realised this, it means you have not yet started to read. You must commence reading.


I would like to warn you, though, that being an avid reader is a great platform that you give to yourself, and principally, you ought to know how to sift. The sifting I am talking about here entails realising and  dismissing any sort of information that you find harmful; without sifting, you may be led astray. This is true: there will be no end to the writing of books – too much repetition, too much lying.

Be extremely careful regarding the books you have to accept, but the more  you read, the more you gain the skill of distinguishing lies from the truth and poor writing from strong writing. Enhance your insight and  avert gullibility.

Keep only good knowledge
For the most part, you have to keep knowledge that gives hope, knowledge that brings peace, knowledge that influences creativity, and knowledge that clarifies the whole lot concerning who we are as human beings – spiritually, physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Please read  books avidly, non-stop, and this must be your major objective for being an avid reader: to gain knowledge that lead to righteousness and the capability to think.

Reading books avidly pays dividends.

choose the right way: read avidly.

Reading books avidly is for the brave, not cowards.

Some will condemn ReadAvidly Campaign;
Some will despise it.
Some will try to lay false charges against it.
Some will love it.
Some will credit it.
Some will enthusiastically support it and join it.
Some will endeavor to bring an end to its power and existence.
Had you ever realised the consequence of anger plus compassion? A feeling of great desire to assist is born of the amalgamation of anger and compassion. ReadAvidly Campaign is extremely angry at ignorance, and secondly, it is extremely angry at intellectual bankruptcy.
And, on the other hand, ReadAvidly Campaign is ultimately compassionate as to why people suffer from ignorance and intellectual bankruptcy while books are ‘overflowing’ with solutions to beating ignorance and intellectual bankruptcy. WHY?
We ask all people to gain.
We encourage all people to be thinkers.
We urge all people to become intellectuals, peacemakers, rich, flourish, and exist long life span through reading books avidly.
We would like all ramifications prevalent in relationships and marriage to cease.
We would like all parents to have considerable scope in child rearing.
We would like crime brought to a minimum, the economy to grow, unemployment brought to a minimum, poverty and inequality to get killed, and unity enhanced – through reading books avidly.
Ignorance and Intellectual bankruptcy have been humankind’s worst enemies ever since.

We are really concerned about your brainpower.