The following list points out
some of the common excuses
for not reading books avidly.

1. Countless people say books are too expensive, so they can’t afford them.
2.  Some say reading books is for the students, and they are no longer students (those who quit reading books just because they are no longer students are doomed forever).
3. Some insist that reading books is totally boring.
4. Others defiantly argue that they are dropouts, so they will never read books forever.
5.  Some say they do not have time to read (you will wonder because people have enough time to do other things like bathing, eating, sex, going to work, sleeping, gossiping, etc., except reading books).
6. Some other people say reading books is for the educated.
7. Other people say reading books is actually for those who are wealthy.
8. Many people claim they don’t know which books to read. Encourage somebody to read books, and the question you are likely to be asked is: which books?
9. On the other hand, some claim they are well read – have read enough.
10. Some sternly believe that reading or not reading books is just the same because all of us are going to die.
11. Some continue to say they are illiterate (you will wonder because audio books and adult schools are there as well).
12. So many people say their major concern is looking for money, so reading books is wasting time.
13.  Others say they only read books connected with their line of business, religion, or curriculum (such human beings are extremely one-sided).
14. Some even say reading books is of no importance.
15. Many people say if you read books too much, you become insane.
16. And some confess that reading books is so strenuous that they cannot manage.
17. While some are starkly unaware of the fact that reading books avidly is of the essence.

What is your excuse?

Do not allow some stupid excuses to ruin your life. Excuses killed many people. Excuses destroyed might nations. Excuses are not worth embracing.

Ignorance kills. Intellectual bankruptcy is more dangerous than poison.


The following list points out some of the primary benefits of reading books avidly.

1. You become extremely knowledgeable.
2. Increased brainpower.
3. Enhanced insight.
4. Creativity constantly improves.
5. Powerful vocabulary.
6. The concentration span constantly improves.
7. Acquisition of many riches.
8. You become an effective speaker. 
9. You gain a super memory.
10. You become diplomatic.
11. You become extremely educated.
12. You become very learned.
13. Supreme reasoning capacity.
14. You become a thinking individual.

if you want to improve your standard of living, then read books extensively.

People can fail you in many ways. But books will never fail you. Books are the most dependable source of accurate ideas at all times. 

Reading books avidly is for the brave, not cowards.

People who don't read books are dead, worse,
they are dead forever.