Hospitals are under severe pressure.

The public health system cannot meet demand or sustain quality in South Africa. Let us face ourselves squarely! A person doesn’t just get ill. Most diseases people suffer are a result of self-destruction. Let’s stop squandering our taxes by de-overcrowding the health system. Let’s stop self-destruction. Alcohol abuse, drug abuse, junk food consumption, smoking, infidelity, improper brain and mind utilisation, and disrespecting God Jehovah top the list of self-destructive practices that trigger the rampantness of diseases in an ignorant and careless society.

Be responsible for your well-being.

Diseases, on the most part, are triggered by failure to respect the laws of nature. Human beings have been given laws to respect by the Creator since the beginning of time.

One of these laws is this:

I have provided all kinds of grain and all kinds of fruit for you to eat, but for all the wild animals and for all the birds, I have provided grass and leafy plants for food – and it was done. (You are what you eat. What is important is not what you eat, but what you gain from what you eat. Too many people live to eat instead of eating to live.)

The other law is this:

Free will to choose: you have a choice between life and death; you get whichever you choose. (You are a product of your mind and brain usage. Many people have never detected that proper and effective utilisation of the mind and brain is the best medicine ever. You must pay attention, or otherwise you will pay with ailing, suffering, and even death.)


it's really strange.

It seems nonagenarians and centenarians will never exist again on planet Earth.

delicate constitution

People develop a delicate constitution as a result of their failure to think. If you choose to fail to think, you will meet with a lot of diseases.

Thinking is an art; all of us must train industriously in order to be proficient. We would like to rekindle and experience the pleasures of former eras once again, whereby human beings will be living long life spans, longer and longer, over a hundred years of living, to a hundred and twenty years or more.

Stop wasting time. you must read books avidly in order to stay away from diseases.