Human beings have all sorts of hunger, except hunger for reading books avidly.


Hunger for money

Many people say their major concern is looking for money, so reading books is wasting time. Be cautious not to get involved in evil. Money is not what makes people live. Money is not even a human requirement. Only two things make human beings exist: the utilisation of healthy foods, scriptures, and life-supporting facts. Of which the latter (scriptures and life-supporting facts), which are most crucial to humans, you get from gathering the best knowledge solely. You better commence reading books avidly and forget about money.

Hunger for sex

Sex is a special gift from Jehovah, exclusively for married couples. Infidelity, sex mania, lust, and prostitution, are all forms of hunger for sex. Hunger for sex promotes the dissemination of diseases such as HIV/AIDS, gonorrhea, syphilis, etc. Divorce is another effect of hunger for sex, but partially because divorce is mainly triggered by ignorance about marriage.
Reading books about marriage and relationships gives insights about what marriage is. Basically, it helps a person stay prepared for the worse-case scenarios prevalent in marriage. Bring death to your hunger for sex by reading books avidly. One of the best books I ever read about marriage is ‘His Needs, Her needs’ by Mr. Harley.

Hunger for smoking

Cigarette manufacturers are the bravest like no other on earth. Their fairness is totally shocking. They declare frankly that smoking kills. Surely, smoke is not a nutrient in a human body. Someone with functioning common sense will not smoke or even start smoking.

Hunger for doing evil

Evilness has become widespread throughout the entire earth, as in the time of Noah. Good-for-nothing people are everywhere. People are partnering with Satan and the demons openly and unashamedly. They partner with Satan and demons, their worst enemies, due to a lack of specialized knowledge and experience about themselves, life, and living.
A person’s weak mind is the devil’s playground. Shield your mind from the seduction of Satan and demons by reinforcing your brainpower. Avid readers are at all times rewarded with wonderful gifts because the benefits of reading books avidly are numerous. Nevertheless, above all, broadened brainpower is the main benefit avid readers get. Read.

Hunger to oversleep

Too much sleep makes a person pedestrian and lethargic. Oversleeping has become one of the biggest challenges in this country. People oversleep, but if you can have a closer inspection, the same people have a lot of crucial things that remain undone for the rest of their lives. Procrastination is their obsession. They procrastinate in order to go to sleep. They will never read because they oversleep.

Hunger for overspeeding

Millions of people perish annually, because of overspeeding, unscrupulous
motorists. It’s so horrific; we are sick and tired of piles.
Reading books avidly is so much more acceptable than overspeeding. Countless motorists in South Africa don’t read road signs, which is why they end up exceeding the speed limit. They hate reading. And a lack of common sense contributes to overspeeding as well. Reading books avidly is advantageous because it enhances a person’s common sense.

Hunger for alcohol and drug abuse

Alcohol is evil beyond compare; drugs are evil beyond compare. Drug and alcohol abuse is self-destruction of the worst kind. The biggest drawback is drunkards and drug abusers’ unwillingness to read books about alcohol and drug abuse.

Hunger for power and destruction

Power-hungry monsters are everywhere. The devil and his children are trying to destroy this world completely. People should read the Bible and some other forms of scriptural references in order to enlist themselves with Jehovah. Power-hungry monsters are ruthless. They lack wisdom, but wisdom is ‘overflowing’ in books.

Hunger for pleasure

Hedonists are dominating and growing in numbers. Decadent societies have engulfed our entire planet. It’s tough to sustain peace and tranquilly.
Acquiring good knowledge in abundance enables people to part ways with hedonism and decadence. Hedonism and decadence are not the purpose of life and living. Nonetheless, gathering relevant knowledge through the reading of a diversity of good books leads to the acquisition of wisdom.  

spiritual hunger

Many people are not true worshippers. They totally stagger in the darkness and are compromising with their lives. Fake worshippers are mistaken people, and they don’t care. They are heading for destruction. They don’t read the Bible or whatever scriptural references they are entrusted to study, not at all.
Fake worshippers let the preacher read for them, usually on Sundays during the service; thereafter, they fold their hands and wait for another reading from the preacher during the next service. Their spiritual hunger will never end because they despise studying the Scripture.

hunger for junk food

Hunger even for junk food. We are prisoners of our taste buds. So many people die unnecessarily due to health-related illnesses such as high blood pressure, heart attacks, kidney failure, etc. Obesity is at its worst due to junkies. Clinics and hospitals are invariably jammed with sick humans! Nonagenarians and centenarians are no more because of hunger for worthless food.
Reading such books as ‘Fit for Life’ by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond will definitely teach and influence people to eat to live rather than live to eat.

hunger for fashion

One of the most common excuses for not reading books is the assertion that books are so expensive. This is completely ridiculous. People spend thousands and thousands of dollars annually just focusing on fashion. People are crazy about fashion.
Fashionistas and fashion victims claim books are too expensive but fail to  buy a single copy for only R100, while they can buy a single outfit for R5000. It’s so hilarious. On the other hand, books are free from the library. Books must be read avidly; no excuse.


Fact: All riches are found in books.

reader % equals to zero

Fact but sad reality: Native African reader percent is equal to zero. Africa and its people are suffering because of intellectual bankruptcy.

Question: What is the most crucial and powerful tool on planet Earth?
Answer: The most crucial and powerful tool on planet Earth is a highly broadened intellect.
And being ‘ravenous’ for good knowledge is the only key incentive in the acquisition of a highly broadened intellect.
You are still at an early stage of a bad practice; stop it; you will be addicted. Addiction is a merciless killer. Once addicted, you will suffer almost forever. Ask those heavily addicted to quit; their typical response is: I will quit. They do not even mean it. They are bound in chains – chains of addiction. It’s still at an early stage; stop it right now and escape the bondage of addiction. Cultivation of hunger is widely acceptable ultimately if it is a hunger for good practice, like a perchance to read books avidly.