ReadAvidly Campaign will be launched in South Africa first and foremost. And afterwards, it will be accomplished to her neighbours as well. Most importantly, it is designed on behalf of Africa and its people – charity starts on the native soil. This is a war, so it will be fought in an aggressive manner!

We would like:

1. To encourage people to read books avidly

Being a follower may be accomplished by virtually anybody, but being a leader requires nobility, and leaders are rare. It seems nobody is willing to be a game changer with respect to encouraging native Africans to read books avidly, even though it’s a necessity. ReadAvidly Campaign is here just to do that.

2. To instill a culture of reading books avidly in South Africa and the whole of Africa

Honestly speaking, native Africans have an extremely bad tendency when it comes to reading books. Native Africans overlook the essence of reading books avidly, even though they are suffering the worst. Many native Africans no longer know how to read and write properly. Over 99% of native Africans, once they are done with Matric or whatever degree or diploma at tertiary level, then they ‘throw away’ books forever. This is a serious disease facing Africa. This disease alone accounts for more than 85% of the challenges facing Africa and its people.

First and foremost, ReadAvidly Campaign would like to expose native Africans’ bad reputation for disliking wisdom. If you do not read books avidly, if you do not aspire to acquire knowledge passionately and accurate ideas particularly, then you dislike wisdom. You are doomed to disaster for the rest of your life here on earth. Through ‘hammering’ aggressively on this matter, day in day out, year in year out, decade in decade out, and century in century out, most native Africans will come back to their senses, and the culture of reading books avidly will be instilled.

3. To highlight the importance of reading books avidly for everybody

Through our campaign, we would like to highlight this point so as to encourage every person to be an avid reader.

4. To fight ignorance and intellectual bankruptcy

Ignorance is bliss. We would like to reveal to the whole nation what it means to  be a human being. Many people do not know who they are. A nation cannot survive if most of its citizens are completely unconscious with regard to who they are.

5. To muster any kind of support from all sectors so that we can carry out ReadAvidly Campaign successfully (Together we can.)

Some humans are PHDs. PHD is an abbreviation that stands for Pull Him Down. Please, do not pull us down; let’s work together. It’s a fact that a man is not born for himself, but he is born for the country. ReadAvidly Campaign is a ‘man’; he was not born for himself, but he was born for the country. This world is interdependent; we need support of any kind.

6. To highly alleviate the countless dire challenges widespread among African societies

Once we manage to promote and instill an avid reading culture, consequently, many challenges confronting our nation can be dealt with considerably – socially, economically, politically, and spiritually. Such dire challenges as crime, teenage pregnancies, xenophobia, divorce, child and woman abuse, unemployment, juvenile delinquencies, dependency, war, diseases, improper child rearing, ignorance, poverty, and diminishing life expectancy can be reduced by over 70 percent. This is true, because avid readers form an integrated society.

7. To promote the book industry

Once ReadAvidly Campaign successfully manages to influence a huge amount of people to read books avidly, then apparently the book industry gets a lot of business because people will begin to purchase books in large numbers. Currently, the book industry is seriously suffering, as is Africa as a whole. The Native African reader percentage is ZERO.

8. And is to partake in the evolution of Africa to become a better place

Avid readers are leaders; leaders are avid readers. Any nation that is exceptionally successful has a citizenry that is highly composed of thinkers, intellectuals, game changers, competent leaders, quick-witted and resourceful people. The nation’s citizenry will never be composed of any of the above-mentioned noble figures if it is intellectually bankrupt. Without reading and acquiring knowledge, a human becomes nothing except nothing. Intellectual bankruptcy is the worst human enemy.

ReadAvidly Campaign’s efforts are an investment – that who gives you a fish call that ‘a destroyer’, but that who trains you how to catch one is your best caring companion. A person in need of food, clothes, shelter, silver, gold, etc. is not poor but struggling; if poor in mind, you are indeed poor. Everything begins in the mind. The  efforts of ReadAvidly Campaign will influence every human being alive, in rural and urban areas – young and old, scholars or non-scholars, matriculants, graduates, and even dropouts.

Whoever is willing to raise a controversy, debate, complaint, etc. in connection with ReadAvidly Campaign must confront us and be prepared to present their case maturely and logically.


Whoever chooses to fail to reflect these two factors – maturity and logical expertise – will be ignored or treated accordingly. Whoever chooses to be angered, surprised, feel excluded, feel ridiculed, etc. due to ReadAvidly Campaign must bear in  mind that ReadAvidly Campaign, or its fans, its partners, or sponsors, will have nothing to do with such behaviour. I reiterate: This is a war, so it will be fought in an aggressive manner!

ReadAvidly Campaign the only successful reading campaign in Africa. Inspired by the truth and hunger for accurate ideas.