This is a list of must-reads, popular bookstores, libraries, publishers, and some other networks that might be of great importance to you.

You must read the following books as soon as possible.

The following list is composed of very strong books. These books transformed millions of people around the world. We are requesting that you study these books thoroughly. Invest your time and read these books; you will never regret it.

The most popular bookstores in South Africa.

Bookshops play a very crucial role in our societies. Unquestionably, without bookshops, all people within any society cannot learn, grow, or achieve. Bookshops are full of riches – riches that we can obtain for ourselves from uncountable books packed on bookshelves.

The following list is composed of the most popular bookstores in South Africa. Follow the links below and find out more overall with respect to these bookstores.

Top publishers in South Africa.

Publishers are the backbone of the book industry. Without publishers, books cannot be published. In collaboration with writers, publishers make the book industry thrive. 

Below is a list of the top 7 publishers in South Africa. If you are a South African writer who has just written a manuscript and is now in search of a publisher for your book, this list might be of great assistance.

Libraries in South Africa

One of the common excuses for not reading books is this: countless people complain that books are so expensive. Nevertheless, books are free from the library. Worldwide, libraries provide people with books for free.

Some books are not found in the libraries, which means you have to purchase them. However, libraries are full of good books, and most importantly, the books are free.

South Africa has two national libraries: the South African Library in Cape Town (founded in 1818) and the State Library in Pretoria (1887).

Apart from the two national libraries, we have 1879 public and community libraries across South Africa. Follow the link below in order to find out and locate the library nearest to you.