Success is not a short story.

Everybody is willing to be successful. We all desire to live a comfortable existence; with a big beautiful house, a nice car, a fat bank account, etc. 

If you are planning to become successful, then you must wage a fierce war.

Read books avidly to become successful.

Success is a science in which nothing succeeds that has never been calculated and thought out.
The most capable men in this world conquer by the use of knowledge.
In your pursuit of success, the only thing that guarantees that you will succeed is the amount of knowledge you have.
A greater amount of good knowledge is the most effective tool you have to equip yourself with in order to achieve success.
Let’s read books avidly and gain lots of good knowledge.
What is success, or being successful?
Success is a term misinterpreted by many people. Success is real success. It is a person or thing that has achieved a “good result by acceptable means” and been successful, or the fact of achieving something that you have been intending to do or garner by acceptable means.
Underscore the phrase ‘good result by acceptable means’, the sole criterion by which success is measured.
Yes, only a good result is what we call success.
A good result or success denotes the utilisation of the right way.
For a good result to be called good, it ‘must’ be generated from the execution of the right way.
Read books avidly and then work hard and Smart

Let the one who steals steal no more; rather, let him do hard work, doing good work with his hands, so that he may have something to share with somebody in need – Ephesians 4:28

Most people will not become millionaires.

Honestly speaking, most people do not have what it takes to become millionaires.

Here’s why:

1. Lack of a definite purpose

The majority of people in the world lack a definite purpose. What this means is that most people don’t really know why they exist or what they aspire to accomplish during their time on earth.


Many millionaires didn’t just start off following selfish interests and goals to buy luxury cars and expensive homes. They had bigger, definite purposes and goals to uplift the lives of their families and communities.

2. Lack of faultless plans

Many people do not know that faulty plans never succeed. Only faultless plans succeed. Millionaires know how to build faultless plans by clearly writing them down. They accomplish their definite purposes by following the plan, step by step.

3. Lack of burning desire

Burning desire is the fuel that drives purpose; therefore, if you lack a definite purpose, then you will automatically lack burning desire.
 As such, the majority of people in the world who lack a definite purpose and a burning desire for accomplishment cannot grow inwardly and outwardly as human creatures.

Many people who conquered the world, such as Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Nelson Mandela, and  Napoleon, all had great burning desires.

This is the same for people who became great athletes, boxing champions, and millionaires.

4. Procrastination

Procrastination is a failure to take positive action.

Procrastination is perhaps the greatest enemy of success and, as such, the greatest roadblock to becoming a millionaire.

 Most people just drift by in life without any particular definite purpose or direction. They spend many hours just drooling and daydreaming and doing nothing. As a result, they end up becoming poor.  

5. Lack of discipline

Lack of discipline is perhaps one of the greatest hindrances to financial success.

The world is full of failures who simply lacked financial discipline and proper planning.

There’s no such thing as an accident. Every failure is the result of an error in human judgement.

 Opportunities and chance come to everyone, although not at the same time but they really do, and when they come, a lack of vision, financial discipline and unpreparedness greatly undermine financial success.

6. Lack of patience

Most people simply do not have the patience to become millionaires.

 Consider when you plant a seed in the ground; you probably don’t understand how the seed germinates a few days or weeks later. Neither does it help to check the progress each and every day.

But a few weeks later, when you check it, you’ll find that the buds have shot up and the plant is beginning to grow. A few more weeks, and it becomes a big plant. All this takes some work, time, and a process.

This is where patience comes into play.

 Seed is the raw material you put into the soil, and work is the time and  effort you invest. The process is what takes effect without your  interference. It is beyond your control.

Most people would probably want to plant a seed and eat its fruit the following morning.

7. Lack of focus

The successful warrior is the average man with laser-like focus — Bruce Lee, a Kung Fu Martial arts legend.

Perhaps the greatest hindrance to financial success is a lack of focus. Most millionaires I know are highly focused individuals.

Chinese billionaire Jack Ma, co-founder and former executive Chairman of the Alibaba Group, often  says that he gets about 5,000 new business ideas every day. Unfortunately, he is forced to turn them all down, preferring to remain  focused on delivering quality service to the millions of customers and  suppliers who visit his online stores daily.

8. Work hard and smart

Most people will not become millionaires because they never learned how to work smart.

 You have heard it said that hard work pays off. Indeed. I would say that hard work alone will never pay off; you must combine it with smart work .

In the 19th century, it took about 30 years to become rich.

In the 20th century, it took less than twenty years to become rich.

In the 21st century, it may take as little as six months to become rich, in connection with a definite and faultless plan.

All this depends on the smart implementation of a simple law called leverage.

Millionaires learn how to leverage other people’s time.  

Millionaires learn how to leverage other people’s money.

Millionaires learn how to leverage other people’s skills and talents.

Millionaires learn how to leverage machines and automation.

9. Lack of Lifelong Learning: read books non-stop.
For most people, learning stops as soon as they matriculate, graduate college, or university.

Although continuous learning is a lifestyle, most people will never learn anything new to improve their lives.

For example, a computer comes with default settings from the manufacturer’s assembly line. We hardly use the computer before customizing it with our own settings and preferences, most of which involve installing custom software.

Humans have many similarities to computers, but we rarely realize it. As such, most people will never learn new ways to improve their lifestyles and financial well-being.

10. Lack of Consistency

Most people will not become millionaires because they lack consistency.
Most millionaires and billionaires I know implemented just one business idea or product and remained faithful and consistent with it for a long time.
Coca-Cola is remarkably one of the most consistent brands in the world. Known for its consistent advertising campaigns that often change, the general themes expressed in the ads do not. Coca-Cola is known for reinforcing the ideas of happiness, togetherness, and refreshment in ads across the globe.
During its 132-year history, this strategy has heavily paid off, bringing a lot of money to its investors. How many companies last that long?

11. Millionaire Mindset: success consciousness.

The biggest difference between rich and average people is not found in their education, luck, skills, or choice of investments; it’s found in their mindset.
Mindset defines how you think, speak, and act. It defines your vocabulary.
Frankly, most people do not have the mindset of a millionaire. The most onerous project on earth is not to earn a PhD degree, but to change your mindset.
Most people have a lot of money but still have the poverty mentality – they are failure-conscious. This is true when you consider that many people win large sums of money through lotteries but lose it all after only a couple of years.
The poverty mentality/failure consciousness is taught through our social and educational system by our parents, peers, schools, and the job market. In fact, our educational system still uses the 19th-century education model, which was to provide the labour market with qualified staff.
That’s why most people still look for jobs after graduating college instead of chasing the entrepreneurial dream, which although laden with risk, gives you the greatest opportunity to become a millionaire.
A millionaire mindset is the ability to make a million dollars even after losing a million dollars. In other words, losing a million dollars is nothing compared to losing your millionaire mindset.

12. Fear of Failure

The greatest roadblock holding most people back from becoming rich is fear.
The process of building and acquiring wealth feels out of reach and impossible to most people.
When we were kids, most of us liked to take big risks, and as such, we learned how to crawl, how to walk, how to run, and finally how to ride a bicycle. As a kid brimming with faith, I can vividly remember how I used to believe that one day I would become rich and eliminate all our family’s financial problems.
However, as we grew older, we began to listen to a barrage of constant voices from adults warning us that we shall fall if we try this, or we shall fail and get embarrassed if we try that, and so on. Gradually, we lost our inner courage, and eventually, we completely replaced our courage with fear.
Life is about taking risks, but the risks must be calculated. Learning how to analyze, calculate, manage, and take calculated risks is a common trait many millionaires have.
I think it is safe to say that because most people fear failing and will never become millionaires.

13. Fear of Success

Believe it or not, most people fear success as much as they fear failure. As such, most people are afraid of becoming millionaires.
Chrometophobia (intense fear of money) is a common condition for most people. Nobody knows exactly why this happens, but it is commonly believed that the condition has something to do with upbringing.
Most people are brought up in an environment of lack of money; therefore, they believe that money is associated with evil. The condition doesn’t go away even when we become adults, because by then our minds are already conditioned.
This affects our spending habits and our ability to become rich, which makes it difficult to save any money for the future. This happens because we are subconsciously trying to get rid of this ‘perceived’ evil called “money.”

14. Worthless belief systems

Most people believe that to become a millionaire, one needs to have that one lucky break, like winning the lottery or stumbling upon a secret formula.
In fact, most people believe that the millionaire trait is something you’re born with. What a myth!

15. Time Management

It has often been said that “time is money,” and it is.
Most people will not even come close to becoming millionaires because they cannot manage their time.
There are only 24 hours in a single day, and this is the only time available to each one of us.
We are obligated to spend 8 of those hours either working, going to school, or attending college.
And we are mandated by nature to spend 8 of those hours sleeping. The remaining 8 hours are to be spent at our discretion. We can spend the time either on the couch watching television, watching movies, playing games, or going on a beer-drinking spree at the local pub.
The proliferation of social media has ensured that entertainment is brought into our bedrooms.
Alternatively, we can also spend the time attending a business course or building a business that will one day make us millionaires.
The difference between the rich and the poor is decided by how we spend the discretionary 8 hours.

16. Bad Choice of a Financial Model

Since most people shun financial education, they’ll never learn how to select the best financial vehicles.
As such, most people opt to consult financial advisors because they have never spent time learning about money or how to identify the best investment vehicles.
Unaware that even these financial advisors need subsequent financial advice from other experts, they trust their money to these people, who end up investing their hard-earned cash in slow investment vehicles that cannot even beat inflation.

17. Never bargain a penny with life

What you sow is what you reap. Many people will not become millionaires because they aim to accumulate a small amount of money; they aim too low. Conversely, millionaires invariably aim to accumulate a fortune.

If you bargain a penny with life, it will give you a penny, no more. If you bargain a fortune with life, it gives a fortune.

18. Unconsciousness regarding how the brain and mind function

Whatever is bound on earth is bound in heaven. Earth represents the conscious mind, and heaven represents the subconscious mind.

Many people, day in and day out; cultivate worry, fear, doubt, desperation, failure, impossibility, anger, etc. through their conscious mind, and consequently, their subconscious minds bring about painful and cruel outcomes for them. Such people will never become millionaires; they are failure-conscious.

Millionaires are success-conscious. It doesn’t mean they do not face challenges; they do, but they seriously maintain a win-win mentality by refusing to succumb to negative emotions.

Let us read books avidly, non-stop. Because achieving success requires people to be knowledgeable and competent.

Hard work never kills, but poverty kills. Reading books avidly never kills, but ignorance kills. Think about it.

Nothing is difficult. Nothing is impossible. Failure does not exist.