Station with excellent sounds and visuals.

A place where Afrocano Usic is perfectly cooked. Come relish with us. Let’s celebrate Afrocano Usic while reading books avidly.

TIC is an abbreviation that stands for:

T for thinkers, I for intellectuals, and C for creatives. In other words, TIC is a CREW composed of thinkers, intellectuals, and creatives. TIC CREW is basically a Record Label and it is affiliated to ReadAvidly Campaign. We are here to disrupt the music industry

To all the people in the world: listen to this; it is of the essence.

Musicians and artists are entertainers as well as teachers in society.
Let us respect them for the significant role they are playing.
Let us support them by paying fully for all their considerable efforts.
They deserve more.
Question 1: What is a musician or artist?
Is a human being who produces good music.
Question 2: What is good music?
a) Well-organized sounds of instruments
b) Well-organized sounds of instruments and voice
c.) Well-organized sounds of instruments, voice, and visuals
Question 3: What are the well-organized sounds of instruments?
Well-arranged instrumental sounds that are pleasant or exciting to listen to.
Question 4: What are the well-organized sounds of voice?
Well-arranged voice(s) that are meaningful, respectful, inspiring, teaching, and pleasant or exciting to listen to.
Question 5: What are well-organized visuals in linkage with music?
Lawful and correct depiction and movements.


All folks who support so-called musicians or artists are like them – intellectually bankrupt. They must start reading books seriously in order to strengthen their brainpower.


Any so-called musician or artist who does not respect the aspect of ‘well-organized sounds of voice, lawful and correct depiction, and movements’ is a dangerous creature. People whose mind and brain do not function! People who sing about nothing but ‘rubbish’ – meaningless, disrespectful, misleading voices! Rubbish! People who publicize nudity and depictions associated with demons! The damage they are triggering in this world is totally immeasurable!
So-called musicians or artists have nothing well-organized to sing about because they are intellectually bankrupt! So shameful. They must start reading books seriously in order to strengthen their brainpower.

we are here to make a mark.

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